Let us focus on

bottling so you can

focus on brewing!

Mobile Bottling Service

Mobile Bottling Service

Nelson Tansey owns and manages JBT Bottling. He brings with him 40 years of automation industry experience.

In the beginning, Tansey was a home brewer himself, but he decided to go into supporting the brewers, instead of becoming a one himself.

He realized that breweries needed support to upkeep their business.

JBT Bottling provides bottles for beer, and cider too.

We travel within 4-5 hours of Kalamazoo, offering our mobile bottling service, using a machine right out of our truck.

Our mission is to make sure that beer suppliers do not have to purchase their machine.


Let us focus on bottling so you can focus on brewing!

We believe that it is always great to use bottles instead of cans to taste the beer.

At JBT, we offer 22oz bomber bottles, 12oz long necks, and will be adding 500ml in our list in 2019.

We offer quality bottling service, with quick turnaround time. We are an efficient mobile bottling company offering excellent customer service.